Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

My Kamen Rider Fan Fictions Character: Kamen Rider Orchid

Sakura Matsunaga is Kamen Rider Orchid
This is my fan fictions of my own Kamen Rider story
A heavy industry group in Tokyo, The N.C.P (Nikkaido Consumer Product) corporation was developed an armored suit prototype for the army called the Rider Systems and the Orchid Driver. The technologies of the suit itself was adapted from the SHOCKER and SMART BRAIN technologies. But the Rider Systems was stolen.

Five years later...

The N.C.P begins to conquer the economics and industries in the world. The N.C.P scientists begins to explore the biological experiments. The experiments is going to far, and the results of the experiments created a bio-cyborgs which turn berserks and try to make total destructions. In order to destroy all the bio-cyborgs and gains popularity in media and the stakeholders, The N.C.P launch the Kamen Rider Orchid. Sakura Matsunaga is a N.C.P agent who use the Orchid Driver. She becomes an ultimate killing machine for the bio-cyborgs until another Kamen Rider shows up. The another Kamen Rider is created by Takasugi Company the N.C.P corp's business rival.

And The Kamen Rider Inc. story begins...
Kamen Rider is (c) Ishinomori Productions and TOEI Company 

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