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90's Superheroes Comics That Influenced Me (Part 2)

Some Image Comics

When I was in high school in my small hometown, a friend of mine introduce me to a girl who interests in comics. She invited us to pay a visit, after we wnet to her house, I really really surprised, not to mention that the girl is hot chicks, but more surprisingly were what she showed to me. A bunch of US comics I never seen before. Could you imagine, that a (hot) junior high school girl collects some IMAGE comics such as Spawn, Gen-13, Dawn and even Cyber Force! She also introduced me to WIZARD the comic magazine which had brought me to the new perspectives of comics, especially the industries. What happen next is other story to told. Some of her collections back there was inspired me so much. After I spent my times in her house, I learned much. So here's my takes:

Gen-13 (Image)

I begin adore J. Scott Campbell arts after read this title. How amazing, to see a group of young superheroes, and full of hot babes (hail to the puberty) like Fairchild, Rainmaker and Freefall wear sexy costumes.The story was not quite good but the artworks are great. Gen 13 was Image answers to Marvel's Generation-X, the origins of these Gen-13 kids were quite same. The other surprise is when I read that Jim Lee was a co-creator of this title, and some of the Gen-13 artworks was made by himself. After moved to Bandung for studies, I've bought my Gen-13/ Generation-X  crossover. A quite light storyline.

Gen-13 had inspired me to make a comics with young girl as a hero until now. For years I've been obssesed with make my own comic heroes, and took a young dude as a hero. But Gen-13 changed that. My published comics like BELIA (2001) and AMEL (2003, now the title change into MEL's Sisters) were not superheroes comics but Gen-13 and Campbell's other works like Danger Girl has influenced me much. 
Cyber Force (Image)

Cyber Force was an X-men archetype for me. Some Image's Group of superheroes in 90's were X-men archetype because some founders of Image like Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri and Rob Liefield were ex-X-books artists. No wonder they're some how look alike. The reasons why I like these titles like Wild C.A.T.s, Stormwatch, Youngblood and Cyber Force was same with why I like the 90's X-books. Cyber Force is a group of government support cyborg team for special operations. Okay, underline the special operations here. Every superheroes in Image's universe during the 90's era were special operations or black ops agents. Why I like the Cyber Force? The Babes Factor, even there a muscles guy like Stryker, Ripclaw or Impact, the babes were so dominant. They're Femme Fatales after all, Cyblade, Ballistics and Velocity. I used their archetype in my BELIA (Bureau of ELites Investigation Agents, seems like special operations huh?) characters, martial artists, markswoman and lighthearted young girl.


I never like Spawn's stories. For me Spawn is the only way for McFarlane guy to survive and feed his family. But I do ike Spawn cover artworks and splash pages. And for some reasons, I'd like to have this Spawn action figures. Never have any of 'em bacause they're too expensive for me. The movie was blah, but I always choose Spawn in order to play Soul Calibur II. Never collects any Spawn comics, but when I out of idea, I browse Spawn's covers on the internet and then found one. I don't know why, but Spawn always hypnotized everyone of us, the designers or artists just like Gundam. You never like the stories, but you put the action figures in your desk for inspirations. My fave characters in Spawn is Angela. Okay, she's another hot femme fatale. I have the action figure at my desk.

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